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An open letter from, Randy Sidorski, Police Recruit,Capstone Project, Somerset County Police Academy, June 13,2004.

I found the capstone project to be very beneficial inunderstanding the aspects of community policing. I felt that duringmy experience at the Somerset County Police Academy, I became alittle distant from society. In other words, the work volume andstudying took up most of my free time. So a project that entailedworking with the community became something that I appreciated andenjoyed.

I appreciated it because I feel that working with the community isa great way to feel a sense of accomplishment. For instance, mycapstone team's project created a foundation for a newsecurity training regiment for Raritan Valley Community College.Hopefully, this will increase awareness among the security staffand decrease some of the apprehension affecting students, faculty,and staff.

I also found myself becoming more aware of my surroundings afterpartaking in this project. I came to believe that one doesn'tneed to create something new or fix a problem to feel good aboutthemselves when working with the community. A simple conversationabout the weather between an officer and a member of the communitycan be a lasting effect on that individual. The capstone projectallowed me to see how effective community policing will improvecommunity and police relations, officer and community relations,and will bring about a more positive attitude towards police andthe work we do.

One of my more favorite aspects of the capstone project was thecreativity that we were encouraged to use. In the police academy,mostly all the recruit activities were drawn out to be completed orperformed in a pre-determined way. However, the capstone projectencouraged creativity and the ability to complete the project in away that you see as the best for its success.

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