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The Student Life Activities and Planning (SLAP)
Board's Design Challenge Winner is....

Ryan Villanueva


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 SLAPRVCCPaw Student Life Activities & Planning (SLAP) Board: Event Ideas
The Student Life Activities & Planning (SLAP) Board, is responsible for planning events and other activities for the RVCC students, staff, and community.  Tell us your ideas, and let us know what you want to see on campus and we'll do our best to make it happen. 


SLAPRVCCPaw Mission Statement
The mission of the Student Life Activities & Planning (SLAP) Board at RVCC is to provide diverse, co-curricular, meaningful, educational, social, cultural-based and fun programs and activities that enrich the student experience.

SLAPRVCCPaw Meet the Executive Board

 Corinne Cronheim

Corinne Cronheim, President of Programming
Email: ccro6064@smail.raritanval.edu

Major: Education 5-12
Hometown: South Bound Brook, NJ
Anticipated Graduation Year: 2015
About Me: I am very dedicated to my education and always willing to help others.  My passion is for writing and I plan to be an English teacher.  Being able to have this role in RVCC means a lot to me because I have been able to meet and work with so many great people.  On my free time I love to sing, write, and play with my two dogs.  Anyone who is interested in giving back to the school/community should feel free to e-mail me about the Student Life Activities & Planning (SLAP) Board.  I am always happy to make new friends.  I believe that any small group of truly dedicated people can achieve greatness.  Eventually, I plan to transfer and receive a masters degree in Education.  "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" -Eleanor Roosevelt
 Justin Fanders

Justin Fanders, Interim Executive Vice President

Major: Liberal Arts
Hometown: Hillsborough, NJ
Anticipated Graduation Year: Spring 2015
About Me: I'm a laid back kind of guy who likes to help where I can and will probably attempt to tell a corny joke or two.  I like to hang with friends and I'm definitely a gamer (so if anyone wants a CoD competition then bring it on).  I also like to think that despite previously mentioned tendencies that I'm a scholar at heart, so I'll also most likely chatter to you about various issues in the world today or different philosophical ideas (feel free to ignore those ramblings too).  I chose Liberal Arts as my major because I feel that right now it is the best degree to try and earn for when I transfer to a different school for Political Science.  The other reason I choose it is because then you can try and get the best of every department, allowing yourself to open your mind to the world around you by looking at things in new lights or from new points of view.  I am looking forward to serving as the Interim Executive VP, and hope we can work together sometime. 

 Faradae Renner Faradae Renner, Interim VP of Media
: fren4400@smail.raritanval.edu  

Major: Pre-Med
Hometown: Somerset, NJ
Anticipated Graduation Year: Fall 2014
About Me: It’s difficult for me to have too many lazy days in a row; it’s even more difficult for me to have too many lazy days in general. I choose to occupy myself with community service and assisting campus activities because these tend to keep me in constant motion. So, being Student Life Activities and Planning Board’s interim VP of Media, it quenches my need for involvement.  They prepare so much for the school in terms of campus engagement, spirit, entertainment, and enrichment—I’m glad to have a hand in all of that. A few things that I fancy: makeup, art, poetry, music, Chinese food, science, math, renaissance architecture, etc. (there’s a lot to be interested in). That’s a little bit about me, I hope to get to know y’all sometime soon! 

  Ryan Villanueva, Interim VP of Information

Anticipated Graduation Year:
About Me:

Alaysha M. Walker, Advisor
Email: awalker@raritanval.edu 

Hello Golden Lions!

My name is Alaysha Walker and I am the Assistant Director of Student Life and the advisor for the Student Life Activities and Planning Board, a student led campus-wide events planning organization.  I am a NJ native born and raised in Newark; however, I currently reside in Middlesex County with my son David and my two cats Sasha and Tiger. 

I earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and a Masters of Arts in Higher Education Administration.  My future educational goal would be to pursue a doctorates degree in Educational Policy, Law & Administration.  I also serve as an adjunct instructor for The College Experience course which is designed to help freshman students adjust to the college environment by learning time management skills, college study skills, excellent critical thinking techniques and most importantly how to network and navigate the resources available to them.   

I have been working in higher education for over 15 years and love working with bright and talented young scholars.  My professional goal is to serve as a role model and mentor to our students.   I firmly believe in the old African proverb of “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child”.  My motto is to live by these words and to offer my knowledge, skills, abilities as well as resources and connections to assist any student who I come in contact with.  My ultimate goal is to empower all students, help them develop into future leaders and business professionals and to leave a legacy that inspires students from all walks of life to reach their greatest potential.

In my spare time, I enjoy being with my son, family & friends and also discovering new, at least to me, people, cultures and places.  I’m also a really good dancer and love to dance to almost all kinds of music especially music with a Caribbean or Latin flavor.    


SLAPRVCCPaw Leadership Roles 

Executive Board 
*Executive Officers are elected roles by the members of the organization except for the president which is elected in the campus-wide SGA Elections held annually during the spring semester.

President – Serves a dual role as an executive officer in the Student Life Activities and Planning Board and as an executive officer of the Student Government Association. Primary responsibility for the vision of the organization, organizing and directing the weekly club meetings and is involved in the execution of all events and activities sponsored by the club. Responsible for ensuring that events are planned in accordance to college policies and procedures. Work directly with the club’s advisor to develop organizational rules, regulations and by-laws specifically related to the Student Life Activities and Planning Board.  

Executive Vice President – Works closely with the president to determine the meeting agenda for each meeting and is responsible for keeping the meetings on task by following Robert’s Rules of Order. All of the organization's committee chairs will report to the EVP. Serves as the liaison to other clubs and organizations regarding collaborations, financial requests and other event proposals and/or activities.

Vice President of Information – Responsible for taking the minutes during the meetings.  Develops and disseminates any marketing or promotional materials such as the flyers, fast cards or bookmarks.  Serves as the Co-Chair of the Marketing and Promotions Committee. 

Vice President of Media - Responsible for updating social media networking sites such as the organization's Facebook page, Lion's Den Group page, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  Serves as the Co-Chair of the Marketing and Promotions Committee.

Vice President of Finance – Serves as the treasurer for the club and is responsible for managing the organization's budget. Ensure that all paperwork and documentation is submitted in a timely manner and in accordance to the College’s fiscal policies and procedures.   

Vice President of Outreach – Serves as the liaison to the RVCC Community and the Community at Large regarding community service projects.

SGA Representative – Responsible for preparing and presenting the Student Life Activities and Planning Board's monthly report during the monthly SGA General Assembly meetings. Assists the President in taking notes at the General Assembly and reports back to the club.

Photographer - Serves as the chief photographer for the organization.

Videographer - Serves as the chief videographer for the organization. 

SLAPRVCCPaw Committees

*Committee Chairs are appointed by the Student Life Activities and Planning Board’s Executive Board except for the Marketing and Promotions Committee which is automatically co-chaired by the Vice President of Information & the VP of Media. 

Entertainment Committee – Responsible for finding and securing entertainment or speakers for programs and events. Serves as the hospitality crew during the program or event to ensure that all entertainers/guests are taken care of. Assist with the creation of event ideas for educational programs, field trips, multicultural programs, social events, fundraisers, etc.

Logistics Committee – Serves as the set up and cleanup crew.

Marketing and Promotions Committee – Serves as the Official Street Team to distribute marketing and promotional materials such as flyers, posters, bookmark, etc., to create awareness about upcoming programs and events.

Recruitment Committee – Responsible for the recruitment of new members for the Student Life Activities and Planning Board.

SLAPRVCCPawEligibility Requirements

Candidates seeking executive officer positions can be nominated by their peers, faculty, advisor or they can self-nominate. Nominations can be sent to SLAP@raritanval.edu  

- Must be an active part-time or full-time RVCC student.
- Prepare a 1-2 minute speech to present during the election period.
- Executive officers must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and be in good standing at the College.
- Committee chairs must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 and be in good standing at the College.
- First year students can run for executive officer positions or be appointed as a committee chair, but must submit their high school transcript to the club advisor to meet the GPA requirements.
- There is no GPA requirement to volunteer; however, it is your responsibility to ensure that you maintain a good academic standing.
- Be available during weekly club meetings and other activities and events as necessary. Get Involved!
- All RVCC students are welcome to join the Student Life Activities and Planning Board.  

SLAPRVCCPaw Why Get Involved?

Learn necessary skills to plan programs and events of all sizes and types.
Gain hands-on experience in event planning, communication skills, fundraising, marketing & promotions, recruitment, community outreach, leadership development and team building skills.
- Eligible to gain valuable entries on your Student Engagement Transcript.
- Add to your resume and/or career portfolio.
- Make New Lifelong Friends!

SLAPRVCCPaw Fall 2014 Meeting Schedule

Every Thursday
1:00-2:20 pm 
Location: Hunterdon Hall, Room H-123 

SLAPRVCCPaw NEW!  Event Planning Educational Series 

The purpose of the Event Planning Educational Series is to provide a comprehensive guide to essential competencies needed by student event coordinators. The Event Planning Educational Series provides the basic tools and strategies to effectively plan your event from concept, through implementation to the post-event activities.

This program will officially launch in the Spring 2015 semester.  Keep listening for details! 

Topics would include: Event Planning Basics, The Key to Marketing and Promotions, Fundraising 101, etc.

RVCC Cares

RVCC Cares is our community outreach project where we partner with local organizations to bring awareness to the campus about important issues in the community such as:

SLAPRVCCPaw Cares Projects/Annual Traditions

Everyone Counts Campaign
Fall Welcome Back Picnic “Spirit Day”
9/11 Memorial (September)
Hispanic Heritage Month (September - October)
Mental Health Awareness Day (October)
Martin Luther King Day of Service – MLK Read In (January)
Black History Month (February)
Women’s History Month (March)
Denim Day – Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month (April)
Relay for Life Committee – American Cancer Society (April)
Hemophilia Bleeding Disorders Awareness Walk – Hemophilia Association of NJ (April)
End of the Year Picnic (May)

SLAPRVCCPawClub Awards/Recognitions

- 2nd Place Award Recipient – Facebook Competition presented by Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities (APCA)
- Appreciation of Service Award presented by the Hemophilia Association of NJ (HANJ)
- Recipient of the Benefactor’s Award – Alaysha M. Walker presented by the Hemophilia Association of NJ HANJ)
- 10 years Dedicated Service Advisor Award – Alaysha M. Walker


- VP of the Year Award – Jessica Iselin
- Outstanding Service to the College Award – Program Development & Support
- Outstanding Community Service Award – Hurricane Irene Flood Relief – American Red Cross
- Outstanding Program of the Year Award – Mental Health Awareness Day

SLAPRVCCPaw Contact Us 

Send us an email! 


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