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International Student Information: I-20 Rules

This category of admission is for foreign students who wish to be admitted as degree-seeking students. To be admitted as an International Student, a student must submit all of the below items. Collect as much of the below materials as possible before sending the information to RVCC.  Note: International students are not eligible to apply for the Nursing, Dental Assisting, Health Information Technology and all joint RVCC/Rutgers University Programs.

There is a great deal of information here that may seem intimidating, but it is important you read everything. 
Please follow these instructions and rules exactly. 
Failure to do so may result in an inability to attend college in the United States.

  • You MUST be a "BONA FIDE" student intending to pursue a full course of study in the program to which you have been admitted. We recommend that you start preparing your financial documents as soon as possible.  Your I-20 can only be issued AFTER you have been admitted.
  • CAREFULLY review Raritan Valley Community College's "Estimated Annual Financial Requirements for International Students" and determine your yearly costs in the workbox.
    • THESE REQUIREMENTS ARE NOT NEGOTIABLE. They represent a modest average budget which does not include luxuries of any kind. We strongly recommend that you budget at least 10% more if possible.
    • EXPECT ANNUAL INCREASES in tuition and living costs of about 7%.
  • U. S. law REQUIRES that you prove you can support your estimated annual costs for every year of your program of study.  We recommend you estimate three years for an Associate's degree. You MUST provide us with documents that will convince the U.S. government that you have:

    • cash to cover your first year in the USA
    • sufficient and dependable financial resources to cover each additional year
  • Do NOT expect that you will be able to work in the U.S. to help meet your annual costs! Off-campus employment is strictly controlled by the Immigration Service, and opportunities on campus are very limited and competitive.
  • ALL DOCUMENTS you give us must be less than two months old, and in English.  We cannot review documents that are not in English.  Send us photocopies or faxes, NOT originals.  You will need those originals to give to the American Embassy when we send you your I-20.
  • Prove your personal funds with the following documents:

    • BANK STATEMENTS In your name only, which state the date the account was opened current balance in US. dollars, average deposits and average balances. f your statement shows that your funds are "fixed," meaning that they do not produce substantial income, your balance will be divided by the number of years in your program of study to determine the amount you will have available to you for each year of study.
    • EMPLOYMENT LETTER certifying your salary - if you are on authorized employment or continuing to be paid by your home country employer.
  • Unless you have enough cash to support yourself for your ENTIRE program of study, or can prove other sources of personal income, you will need a sponsor with an income sufficient to support you.You may support yourself with funds from OTHER sponsors such as parents, relatives, organizations. You may have as many sponsors as you need. It is highly recommended that at least part of your financial support come from your home country for purposes of visa issuance. Sponsors may provide you with support in the form of cash and/or room and board. Free room and board is when you live with someone and don't have to pay for your room or food.
  • A sponsor should promise ONLY as much money as he or she is able to give you. Some sponsors believe that the more money they promise to give the easier it will be to get your 1-20. THE MOST COMMON REASON FOR REJECTION OF FINANCIAL DOCUMENTS IS THAT WE DO NOT BELIEVE THE SPONSOR CAN AFFORD TO GIVE AS MUCH AS PROMISED. A sponsor should promise only what he or she can afford.
  • Each sponsor providing cash support MUST give us all of the following documents to prove fiscal responsibility.  If all of these documents are not received, your sponsor's support will NOT be considered.

      This form may be photocopied for each sponsor. All questions must be answered. Affidavits must be signed by the sponsor in the presence of a notary public, the notary public must sign, and the official seal of the notary public must be on the affidavit. There are notaries public at all U.S. embassies and consulates. In the U.S., most neighborhood pharmacists, lawyers and accountants are notaries. There are notaries in all countries, though the names for them may be different. There are officials licensed by the national or regional government to take sworn statements for courts of law or to witness contracts and property deeds.
      • Individual Sponsor: This must be on the employer's letterhead, on income tax returns or receipts, or estimated by a bank or private accountant when the sponsor is a self-employed business person or retired . The income of a company is not the income of the owner of the business and will not be accepted as proof of income. You must provide an official statement of the salary paid to the owner/sponsor.
      • Company Sponsor: Submit the most recent "Profit and Loss Statement" for the company.
    • BANK STATEMENT in the name of the sponsor only, which states the date the account was opened, current balance in U.S. dollars, average deposits and average balances. We cannot accept statements that do not specify balances unless it is stated to be a minimum of six figures in U.S. dollars.
  • A sponsor providing FREE room and board (when you live with someone who gives you your room and food for no payment) MUST provide all of the following evidence of housing and financial stability:

    • AFFIDAVIT OF FREE ROOM AND BOARD fully completed and signed in the presence of a notary public.
    • PROOF OF INCOME This must be on the employer's letterhead, on income tax returns or receipts, or estimated by a bank or private accountant when the sponsor is a self employed business person or retired.

If you are presently in the U S., you must be living with the sponsor at the time of filing this application for this to be counted towards your means of support.

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