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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.        Are you licensed and accredited?

A.        The Children’s Campus is licensed by the State of New Jersey, Department of Human Services, Division of Youth and Family Services.  We meet all of the requirements for child care centers listed in the Manual of Requirements, a copy of which parents may read upon request.  The College is currently exploring the possibility of national accreditation by the Academy of Early Childhood Programs through the National Association for the Education of Young Children.  


Q.        Is the Children’s Campus a drop-in center to use whenever I need childcare for my children?

A.         No.  Children must be enrolled in the program for parents to use the drop-in privilege. Families must enroll their children for at least two half-day sessions each week.  If an extra morning, afternoon or full day is needed now and then, parents must fill out a Change of Schedule form so that staffing can be planned.  Charges are made according to the published rates.




   Q.        If my child is enrolled for two afternoons each week, can I change the days or the come in the morning if my schedule changes?

A.        No.  Because of state-mandated ratios of adults to children, assistant teachers are scheduled to work according to the enrollment each day.  If your schedule changes, you must fill out the Change of Schedule form to add a drop-in day or half day, in advance, so that staffing can be adjusted as needed.




  Q.        Why does it cost so much more to send my one year old child than my four year old child?

A.        Children in the infant and toddler programs require more supervision by adults, and more help with feeding, diapering, toilet training, and other self-help skills.  While the work of preschoolers is more challenging for them, they require less adult direction and support as they work in small and large groups.




  Q.        What happens when my classes change next semester?

            Because we are part of the RVC College community, we re-register our young students each semester – including the summer sessions – as college schedules change.  Parents must re-register during the priority registration period for currently enrolled families in order to maintain their priority status.


Q.        Can anyone pick up my child from the Children’s Campus?

A.        No.  Parents must fill out and sign a form authorizing other people who may pick up their child from school.  Anyone other than a parent must show picture identification upon entering the center at dismissal.  Only parents will have codes which open the door at the entrance to the Children’s Campus.  These codes are not to be given to anyone else, whether authorized to pick up or not. 




  Q.        Do I need to send lunch?  Can lunch be heated or refrigerated? 

A.        Yes.  Lunch must be sent from home for all children who are here during the lunch period in their classroom.  (Toddlers in Comet Room and the Moon Room eat at 11:00.  Preschoolers eat at 11:30.)  Bottles and baby food for infants must be labeled with the child’s name in order to be kept refrigerated, and can be heated when needed, according to the child’s individual schedule.  Lunch for toddlers and preschoolers must come in a lunchbox – labeled with a name.  Ice packs and thermos containers are suggested for keeping foods cool or warm.  


Q.        Do I need to send snack?

A.        No.  A healthy snack is provided mid-morning and mid-afternoon.  A menu for the month is published.   Alternate snacks may be sent from home and stored at school for children with allergies.   


Q.        My child has a severe allergy to a certain food.  How do you handle allergies?

A.         Teachers are informed of allergies in the classroom.  A list of all allergies is posted on the tables where food is served.  Children who are allergic to something served for snack or lunch will sit, with friends, at a table away from the allergen.  Tables and chairs are cleaned and sanitized after each snack or lunch time.

            In case of allergic reactions, EpiPens -- clearly marked with the child’s original prescription label – and/or antihistamines in the original container – clearly marked with the child’s name – may be stored in the office. 





Q.        How are birthdays celebrated at the Children’s Campus?

A.        Families may send in small cupcakes, muffins or other healthy snack to share with the children in their child’s classroom. 

            We ask that there be no gift bags full of candy, balloons, or small plastic toys be given to the children in any of our classes.

Birthday invitations to a party away from school may be distributed in classroom cubbies only if the entire class is invited.  If a few children are invited, invitations must be mailed so that there are no hurt feelings.

            The Children’s Campus has a wonderful library of children’s books which the children are able to use daily.  We encourage families to add their child’s favorite book to the library as a birthday gift.  A bookplate with the child’s name and birth date will be placed in the book.


Q.  Could teachers and directors refer excellent student teaching assistants as babysitters?

 A. We think all of our student teaching assistants are excellent, however…   as university employees, teachers are not permitted to offer their professional services outside of the scope of our license. Please do not ask teachers to work as babysitters or to provide any other paid services outside of the Center.  Students you meet at The Children’s Campus might wish to make themselves available to you as babysitters. If you choose to hire an RVCC student for paid services, please be aware that we can offer neither referral nor recommendation services. You are solely responsible for recruiting and screening any and all potential home care providers, and neither the center nor the College shall have any responsibility of any kind whatsoever for the performance or actions of an individual you choose to hire outside of The Children’s Campus.




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