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RVCC Career Services Office Networking Participation Policy

The Raritan Valley Community College Career Services LinkedIn Group and  Facebook Page are designed to be a source for information, education, sharing, and discussion of issues related to career planning and employment.  

The site are administered by the staff of the RVCC Career Services office and are monitored on a regular basis. 

We encourage active participation by current students, alumni, employers and friends of the RVCC Career Services. We hope to see these sites become a place for sharing information, asking and answering questions, and building a supportive and encouraging community. 

As part of our commitment to fostering and encouraging a professional community, we expect all those who post, comment, or contribute to discussion on these sites to abide by normal rules of respect and decorum. 

For current students: 

  • All student activity  is subject to Raritan Valley Community College’s Student Code of Conduct as well as the college’s Rules, Regulations, and Policies. 

For students, alumni, employers and friends:

  • Posts, comments, and discussions should be on topic, conversational, and serve to educate or engage the greater community. Spam will not be tolerated. 
  • Posts, comments, and discussions may not be unlawful, fraudulent, libelous, threatening, discriminatory, disrespectful, harassing, obscene, rude, or otherwise in poor taste. 
  • Posts, comments, and discussions may not be used for any commercial purpose or to promote any outside organizations or activities without prior approval of the RVCC Career Services staff. (Permission may be requested by emailing   wschnall@raritanval.edu .) 

The Career Services Office reserves the right to, at our discretion, removes any post we deem inappropriate. We also reserve the right to revoke a user’s privilege to post to our page if a user’s actions are repeatedly in violation of this policy or so egregious as to warrant immediate revocation of posting privileges.  Comments, posts, and discussions made in violation of this policy will be promptly removed, but please be aware that we cannot immediately review every post, comment, or discussion posted to the page. 


Comments, posts, and discussions by readers  reflect their own opinions and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Raritan Valley Community College Career Services.































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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