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SGA represents the student body on several advisory committees and focus groups to improve college functioning in the areas of food service, technology, academics, student life, book store.  There are many opportunities to meet with the Student Government Association to discuss issues, brainstorm ideas, and work together to improve the college community. 

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Student Government recognizes excellence in the Faculty and Staff at RVCC with the Faculty/Staff of the Month award.  If you would like to nominate a Faculty or Staff member who has impacted you, submit the Faculty/Staff of the Month Nomination Form.   

 Mission Statement 

Your Student Government Association serves all RVCC students and supports student success by fostering intellectual growth; stimulating students' activities on campus; enhancing unity and diversity; and ultimately assisting leadership and personal excellence.

SGA Constitution and By-Laws 


Meet the Executive Board    
Deanna Nicholson

Dee Nicholson, President

Major: Liberal Arts: International Relations
Hometown: Somerville, NJ
Anticipated Graduation Year: Spring 2015
About Me: Dee is an International Relations major with hopes of someday ending world hunger. Since she began attending RVCC in the fall of 2012, she has been actively involved in a number of clubs and organizations on campus. Her extracurricular activities include being on the executive board of the Alliance and leading the college's audition-only a'capella group, Harmonally Balanced. Dee enjoys meeting new students and does so by volunteering for the Admissions Office, the Office of Multicultural Affairs, and Student Life. She is a member of Phi Theta Kappa. As the Vice President of Media and Information she hopes to encouraged more students to be involved in the plentiful opportunities available to them at RVCC. 

Email: Dnic0161@stu.raritanval.edu
Office Hours:
 10am-11am, Tuesday 
                       10am-1pm, Thursday
                       SGA/PTK Office, Bateman Center, BC-115
Conrad Colon

Conrad Colon, Executive Vice President

Major: Biology
Hometown: Hillsborough, NJ
Anticipated Graduation Year: Spring 2015
About Me: Conrad is currently a Biology major with the hopes of become a teacher the field of science. In addition, to being part of SGA, Conrad is an active Somerset County 4-H member, a balloon artist, and the Vice-President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 200. On campus, he is a an executive board member of the Alliance and a member of Phi Theta Kappa. Conrad describes himself as energetic and outgoing. He hopes that as the Executive Vice President of SGA he can give back to a community that has given so much to him.  

Email: ccol8809@stu.raritanval.edu
Office Hours:
                      SGA/PTK Office, Bateman Center, BC-115
 Dhruv Patel

Dhruv Patel, Vice President of Finance

Major: Business Administration/Accounting
Hometown: Hillsborough, NJ
Anticipated Graduation Year: Spring 2015
About Me: Dhruv is a very hard working and enthusiastic person. He always finishes what he starts and makes sure that he achieves his goals before setting any new goals. He loves working in a fast-paced environment and is always willing to help others before helping himself. As a Rotary officer, he fully believes in their motto "Service Above Self." Every day, he tries to teach five people around him something that he knows and to learn something from them in return. He is majoring in Accounting because he loves numbers. In his free time, he plays chess, pool, and other strategy games.

Email: Dpat7557@stu.raritanval.edu
Office Hours:
 7am-9:30am, Monday
                       7am-9:30am, Wednesday
                       SGA/PTK Office, Bateman Center, BC-115 

Melanie Martin, Vice President of Media and Information

Major: Nursing
Hometown: Ringoes, NJ
Anticipated Graduation Year: Spring 2016
About Me: In May of 2014 Melanie graduated from RVCC with an A.S. in Exercise Science and is currently enrolled in the clinical nursing program here at Raritan Valley.  Melanie is a five star member of Phi Theta Kappa and served as a mentor during the 2013 fall semester.  During the 2013-14 school year she also served as the President of the Biology/Chemistry Club.  Getting involved with the clubs and organizations on campus has been an amazing and life changing experience for her.  Over the summer, Melanie represented Raritan Valley Community College at the NEW Leadership New Jersey Summer Institute at the Eagleton Institute at Rutgers University.  Melanie is a passionate and hardworking person and her experiences here at Raritan Valley have taight her that she is more than capable of making a difference and achieving her goals.     

Email: Mmar4674@stu.raritanval.edu
Office Hours:
 11am-1pm, Tuesday
                       10am-12pm, Wednesday
                       SGA/PTK Office, Bateman Center, BC-115 


Corinne Cronheim

Corinne Cronheim, President of Student Life Activities & Planning (SLAP) Board

Major: English
Hometown: South Bound Brook
Anticipated Graduation Year: Spring 2015
About Me: I am very dedicated to my education and always willing to help others.  My passion is for writing and I plan to be an English teacher.  Being able to have this role in RVCC means a lot to me because I have been able to meet and work with so many great people.  On my free time I love to sing, write, and play with my two dogs.  Anyone who is interested in giving back to the school/community should feel free to e-mail me about the Program Board.  I am always happy to make new friends.  I believe that any small group of truly dedicated people can achieve greatness.  Eventually, I plan to transfer and receive a masters degree in Education.  "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" -Eleanor Roosevelt

Email: ccro6064@stu.raritanval.edu
Office Hours:
Meet the Senators  
    Imran Vahora

Imran Vahora, Senator

Major: Pre-Pharmacy
Hometown: Bridgewater, NJ
Anticipated Graduation Year: Spring 2015
About Me: As a student government senator,  Imran Vahora hopes to give back to his community and fellow students. He is majoring in Pre-Pharmacy and plans on pursuing a doctorate degree and curing cancer someday. He is an active member of BACCHUS: A Fresh Reality and enjoys helping others. Imran describes himself as friendly and approachable. If you see him on campus, say hi! :-)

Email: Ivah8197@stu.raritanval.edu
Office Hours:
 11am-1pm, Thursday
                      SGA/PTK Office, Bateman Center, BC-115 
   Megan Hynes

Megan Hynes, Senator

Major: Business Administration
Hometown: North Plainfield
Anticipated Graduation Year: Spring 2015
About Me: Megan came in as a freshman at RV in the Fall of 2013, making this her second year here.  She would like to earn a master's degree in business and ultimately become a successful entrepreneur.  She is currently involved with many of RV's clubs such as the women's basketball team, Phi Theta Kappa, the Filipino PEACE Club, and the Honors College.  She likes to describe herself as very silly and outgoing.  As an SGA Senator, she hopes to help fulfill the needs of the student body in order for everyone to make the most out of their experience from RV.  

Email: mhyn4792@stu.raritanval.edu
Office Hours:
 9:50-10:50, Monday
                       9:50-10:50, Wednesday
                      SGA/PTK Office, Bateman Center, BC-115  
Melanye Nunez

Melanye Nunez, Senator

Major: Liberal Arts Social Science
Hometown: Manville
Anticipated Graduation Year: Fall 2015
About Me: Mel started attending Raritan Valley Community College as a junior in high school through the early credit program.  Once she graduated high school, she attended RVCC part-time and has since, become full-time along with full-time involvement as well!  You can find Mel working at the Information Desk located in the College Center, in the FYE Office assisting students, or in the EOF Office.  She is involved on campus as an Orientation Leader and Student Ambassador, a regular participant at Foundation events, and through her involvement with the Orgullo Latino Club and the Black Student Alliance, Melanye has expressed her love for diversity and culture.  Not only does she love diversity, she expresses it and encourages students to do so as well.  As a Student Government Senator, Melanye hopes to truly be the voice of her peers, especially those labeled "minorities".  

Email: mnun7371@stu.raritanval.edu
Office Hours:
 12pm-1pm, Tuesday
                        1pm-2pm, Thursday
                     SGA/PTK Office, Bateman Center, BC-115

Meet the Advisor

 Russell D Barefoot

Russell D Barefoot, Advisor

Hometown: Princeton, NJ
About: Russell has been the Director of Student Life since January 2011 and truly loves working with student development in higher education. He has worked in Student Affairs since 1995 after completing his Master's Degree in higher education administration. In his free time, Russell loves to practice yoga, cook wonderful vegan food, be a DIY weekend warrior, and do yard work and house projects. 

Email: Russell.Barefoot@raritanval.edu


Meet the Alumni Rep

Khushwant Pall, Elections 14'

Khushwant Pall, 
Alumni Representative to the Board of Trustees 2014-15




SGA Your Voice Networking Hour
Every month SGA hosts a coffee hour for students to gather, discuss issues, brainstorm ideas, and work together to improve our college community.  Student Government often invites special guests to share their knowledge on scholarships, college innovations, and other information of interest to the general student body.  Students have an opportunity to voice their concerns, make suggestions for college betterment, and get to know their student government leaders.  Networking Hour is once per month, located on the first floor of the college center.  Free coffee, tea, and refreshments are provided.   

General Assembly
Each month SGA welcomes all students and club representatives to come together for a general assembly meeting to share information and hear the monthly reports of all current and future club activities or events.  The meeting is held during College hour on the last Tuesday of each month.  

College Forum      
The college forum is an open meeting for all faculty, students, and staff.  Students are invited to participate in discussing issues that are related to developing policies, co-curriculum, and how the college is being operated.  The Forum is during College Hour, on the first Tuesday of every month. 


Leadership Development 

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Leadership Series 
Student Government Association and Phi Theta Kappa work together to plan a series of interactive Leadership Development workshops with sponsorship from our friends at TD Bank. All students are encouraged to attend these workshops to gain leadership skills, network with the professional guest presenters, be inspired, and develop their Student Engagement Transcript.  Topics have included: civility in action, effective communication, servant leadership, overcoming adversity, leading a balanced life, ethical decision making, and more!

 Museum of Tolerance Experience
SGA hosts an annual bus trip to the Museum of Tolerance in New York City.  This unique center provides participants with an intense educational and experiential day-long training program. Through interactive workshops, exhibits, and videos, individuals explore issues of prejudice, diversity, tolerance, and cooperation in the workplace and in the community.


Contact Us

SGA Office: 1st Floor Bateman Center, BC-115
                           Inside the Student Life Suite
                           908-526-1200 x8911
                           Office Hours listed above

SGA Email: sga@raritanval.edu  

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