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Service Learning Diabetes Project

Supported by Janssen Pharmaceuticals

 Spring 2013


As part of a service learning initiative with Janssen Pharmaceuticals, all students enrolled in a Human Anatomy and Physiology II class and several groups from the daytime and evening sections of a Trends in Nursing class participated in a service learning project with a focus on diabetes.

Students worked in small groups to address the growing epidemic of diabetes in America, driven by genetics, diet, obesity and lack of exercise. Research topics included: Type II and I diabetes, symptoms, treatments, prevention, childhood obesity, and community resources available to the public. Some students focused on the highly susceptible populations (e.g., the elderly and Hispanic communities) and considered sociocultural developments that cause these populations to have higher risk factors and then helped them find ways to mitigate the severity of these conditions, possibly even before the disease begins. Other students chose to focus on the elderly, children, pregnant women and at-risk populations.

In the late spring, the students disseminated their research findings and recommendations to numerous community organizations throughout Somerset and Hunterdon Counties. The students shared their findings with the larger community to help individuals become more aware of the issues of diabetes, help promote change in peoples' behaviors and empower them to live healthier lives. Their final products included the following:

  • Power Point presentations, brochures, pamphlets, fact sheets and workshops
  • You Tube videos
  • Fund-raising events for donations to American Diabetes Association
  • Website development for various organizations
  • Facebook pages to disseminate information

Some sample projects are posted here for greater dissemination: Sample Student Work and Resources.

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