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An open letter from Gary J. Schneer, Director,Bioterrorism Preparedness Health Care Association of New Jersey,spring 2004.

Lucy & Teammates...

I am, in a word, impressed. In a short amount of calendar time,although I know you and your colleagues put in significant timesingly and as a group, your work product demonstrates what can beaccomplished by a team passionate about its mission. You have donea credible job of identifying, defining, and implementing a planwith support materials to hit head on a real problem for many, butspecifically our elderly populations in long term care facilitiesthat need a way to feel comfortable that friends and family are"OK". Your contacts card is a tangible link that I trust will show"wear and tear" not necessarily from actual use but rather like asecurity blanket and knowing that they have the ability to contactpeople important to them.

Your "process" and materials can be easily woven into the facilityemergency management training scenarios and personalized forresidents and staff as well.

Terrorism is real, but if we can reduce the sensationalism andpsychological impacts through education and empowerment ( Iremember this as a term we all felt key) then focus can be onimproving real Quality of Life over things imagined throughmisconception.

Terrorism "uncontrol" is rampant across the population so thereshould be many sessions similar to those targeted at seniors, but Ithink you've selected a population often forgotten by many and bythe Grace of God we'll be a part of some day. Lack of knowledgeleaves one feeling helpless, which breeds depression, anxiety,hopelessness-and CHAT can help alleviate these aspects relating toterrorism and families.

Great Job! This will be well-received by the Long Term CareCommunity!!



Gary J. Schnerr
Director, Bioterrorism Preparedness
Health Care Association of New Jersey
4 AAA Drive, Suite 203
Hamilton, NJ 08691
P 609.890.8700
F 609.584.1047
email gary@hcanj.org

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