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How RVCC students may access an account on server "rvcc2"

To log in via Telnet, make sure
Host Name is "rvcc2.raritanval.edu"
Term Type is "VT100".

Then use:

  • User Name:
    The first letter of your first name,
    followed by the first three letters of your last name,
    followed by the last four digits of your 9-character, RVCC Student ID number that starts with "G00".
    • All letters should be lower case.
    • Example: Tom Welling, G00456789, User Name is twel6789
  • Password:
    Your entire RVCC Student ID number with the "G" entered as a capital letter (uppercase).
    • Example: Tom Welling, G00456789, Password is G00456789

To log in via FTP in a Web browser following the previous example,
type the address into the browser's address bar:

From previous example:


To see the corresponding folder or home page on the RVCC2 server following the previous example,
go in a web browser to...


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