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 English Department Teaching Resources 




Department News, Announcements and Reminders


blue_arrow NEWReading packet (.pdf) for the final in-class essay in English Comp. I & English Comp. I with Workshop, Spring 2016

blue_arrow Curriculum Support Leader Program for Fall 2014-Spring 2015; summary of requirements in table format

blue_arrow Syllabus checklist:  Does your syllabus include the information listed here? 

blue_arrow Essay assignment checklist:  Do your assignment handouts include the information listed here?

blue_arrow Student permission form (.docx): If you'd like to volunteer to collect samples of your students' work for the department, please make sure your students complete and sign this form first!




ENGL 050:  Introduction to College Reading And Composition I (ICRC I)

ENGL 060:  Introduction to College Reading and Composition II (ICRC II)  

ENGL 111 and ENGL 111/070:   English Composition I and English Composition I with Workshop  

ENGL 111 (CEP):  English Composition I Concurrent Enrollment Program

ENGL 112:   English Composition II



Frequently Asked Questions

Course-Specific FAQs 

ICRC I and II:  info about diagnostics, how final grades are determined, and more

ENGL 111 and 112:  teaching research, scheduling library visits, and more 


General FAQs  

Best Practices in the Classroom:  things to keep in mind about assignments, in-class essays, commenting and plagiarism 

Books, Supplies, and Copying:  how to get the materials you need to prepare for class 

Classroom Observations and Student Evaluations:  how they're done, and how often you need to do them

Early Alerts and Midterm Warnings:  what they are and how to submit them 

Employee Resources:  info about office space, paychecks, directories, faculty handbooks, and contracts 

Exams:  all about midterms and finals  

FERPA:  info from the RVCC Registrar that all instructors need to know (.pdf).  You can also find this FAQ in the Lion's Den:  On the myFac tab look for "Quicklinks"; under "Quicklinks," look for a link to "Confidential Information Policy (FERPA)."

Final Grades:  how and when to turn in your grades, plus how and when to give an “incomplete” 

Professional Requirements:  basic requirements regarding classroom practices, faculty absences, office hours, and retaining student records

Rosters and Enrollment:  info about course caps, course cancellations, and how to find your rosters 

Scheduling and Classrooms:  all about classroom space and scheduling a computer lab 

Students:  info about student orientation, student counseling, and other common instructor concerns (“What should I do if a student. . . ?”)

Support Services:  things you need to know about the library, tutoring services, the Testing Center, and accommodations for disabilities.

Tech@RVCC:  email, the Lion’s Den, WebStudy, and other tech-related topics 



Other Resources

Faculty Handbook, updated January 2012 (.pdf).  You may be prompted to log into SharePoint if you're accessing this file from off-campus.  For your user name, enter "rvcc\" (without the quotation marks) followed by your G-number.  For example:  rvcc\g00123456

Five Principles for Teaching Composition at RVCC:  Things that every instructor should remember.

Resources for Teaching Online and Hybrid Courses:  Resources for you and your students in the online classroom.

A Quick Guide to Composition Course Sequencing:  Use this handy chart to better understand how a student may progress through our composition courses.

English Adjunct Colloquia and Workshops:  Did you miss a colloquium or workshop?  Find the handouts here! 

Info for Adjuncts at Bound Brook and Bridgewater:  Policies, guidelines, and contact info for adjuncts teaching at our Bound Brook High School and Bridgewater sites.

Teaching Resources from Around the Web:  Need new ideas for how to address various writing topics in your classes?  See what these links have to offer.

Resources for Professional Development:  Want to learn more about the field of rhetoric and composition?  Start with these resources.

Applying for a Job at a Community College:  Useful information about how to be a strong candidate for a full-time teaching position at a community college.

The Raritan Adjunct Voice:  Browse this archive of past and current issues of the RVCC adjunct newsletter.



Contact Us

Contact the English Department Chair, Adjunct Liaison, or Administrative Assistant

For other English department faculty, please use the RVCC Campus Directory.


Have a great semester!



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