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Degree Programs

 The English department offers the following degree programs designed to transfer to four-year colleges:


English (A.A.)

The English degree program is designed for students interested in focusing on literature and writing in an interrelated academic environment. The program features a broad range of courses in English language, literature, and composition, including introduction to literature and literary theory, linguistics, survey courses, genre courses, diversity-based and interdisciplinary courses, and writing-intensive courses. The program will enable interested students to begin their major in English at RVCC and to transfer to a four-year institution to continue their academic advancement on the baccalaureate level.

Graduates are able to:

  • write clearly, grammatically and fluently with focus and continuity in standard American English
  • demonstrate clarity, analytical skill, and organization to present and support ideas in take-home papers and in-class writings
  • articulate their evolving point of view about literature, authors, diverse cultures and periods, and or about compositional artistry, creativity, and style
  • write research papers that explore critical inquiry on works and authors studied in a given course; employ, when practicable, technological tools; and responsibly use and document sources
  • appreciate, discuss and write about major writers, movements, cultures, and works covered in a given course in ways that demonstrate analytical competency and compositional skill
  • appreciate the interrelatedness of literature, literary theory, language, and composition

Please see the college catalog for the curriculum requirements for the English A.A. degree.


Liberal Arts (A.A.)

The Liberal Arts degree program offers students a wide variety of courses to choose from and, at the same time, prepares the student to transfer into the junior year of study at a four-year college. The program is similar to other general Liberal Arts programs in the first two years at such colleges.

Liberal Arts is the study of basic knowledge and the development of one’s ability to think clearly. Thus, Liberal Arts students take courses in English, their own and foreign cultures, mathematics and science, the arts, the study of society, past and present, the study of ideas and a foreign language. Students who want to study Liberal Arts but also know they want to concentrate in Social Science, Music, Studio Arts, Theatre, or Communication may select one of the Liberal Arts options.

Although Liberal Arts is not career training in a direct way, many employers in corporations, government and in such professions as law and medicine believe that the best preparation for work in their fields is a Liberal Arts education. Liberal Arts teaches the student how to use and think about information, no matter what the job is or how jobs change.

Graduates are able to:

  • apply critical thinking strategies across the disciplines 
  • write research-based essays that analyze and synthesize sources to support a thesis 
  • organize and deliver effective oral presentations 
  • forge a practical linkage between learning in the classroom and applying that learning to real-world problems 
  • demonstrate cultural competence by communicating effectively and efficiently in cross-cultural and multicultural situations 

Students enrolled in Associate of Arts degree programs who intend to transfer to four-year colleges or universities are strongly advised to discuss the General Education Foundation Courses with a counselor. Selection of these courses will facilitate full transfer of general education credits completed toward the degree.

Please see the college catalog for the curriculum requirements for the Liberal Arts A.A. degree.



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