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Who we are:

The Children’s Campus at RVCC was established in 1975 to provide quality care to young children.  Today the program continues to fulfill this mission by providing care for children three months through pre-kindergarten in developmentally appropriate settings.  The center is open from 7:30 AM till 6 PM, Monday through Friday, twelve months a year. 


Where we are:

The Children’s Campus is located off Parking Lot #4 on the RVCC campus, 118 Lamington Road, North Branch.  The specially designed building includes five classrooms, a kitchen, teachers’ workroom and administrative office.  There are two enclosed playgrounds attached to the facility.  As part of the larger college community, the children are able to take walking trips on campus, as well as field trips to the Planetarium and the Theatre.    


 Our Children:

Enrollment is open to children of RVCC students, faculty and staff.  Children from the surrounding communities are accepted when space is available.  Part or fulltime enrollment is accepted on a monthly basis.  Occasional drop-in care is available as space permits to regularly enrolled children. 


 Children are assigned to the following age-appropriate classes:

Class                                                                           Adult to Child Ratio

                                                                                    (State mandated)

Rainbow Room (age three through twelve months)              1:4

Comet Room (age one to two years)                                      1:4

Moon Room (age two to three years)                                     1:6

Star Room (age three to four years)                                        1:10

Sun Room (pre-kindergarten)                                                 1:12


Our Teachers:

Each class is under the direction of a state certified head or group teacher.  Head teachers are experienced, fulltime teachers, who have earned four-year college degrees and NJ state certification.  Group Teachers are experienced, part time teachers who have earned or are enrolled in an associate degree program.  Assistant teachers are part time employees placed in the classroom on a regular and consistent basis.  RVCC students enrolled in a Co-op experience for college credit or students fulfilling service learning requirements are assigned to classes as needed.  All staff is subject to the same thorough pre-employment process as required by the State of New Jersey.


What We Do:

The curriculum and learning environment are structured to provide stimulating and developmentally appropriate experiences for young children.  Daily schedules and routines are planned with each child’s age and stage of development in mind.  Classrooms allow for small and large group peer interaction, as well as group and individual teacher-directed activities.  The Children’s Campus offers a full preschool experience with a wide range of learning opportunities that promote cognitive, emotional, social and physical growth.   Science, art, cooking, music, movement, sensory exploration, building and dramatic play activities are planned throughout the day to foster language, literacy and math skills.  Outdoor play or gross motor activities are part of each day.  Children are provided morning and/or afternoon snacks. Children bring lunch from home and have a naptime and rest in the afternoon. 

 Our Curriculum:


The Children’s Campus has adopted The Creative Curriculum to organize our rooms into learning centers, and to use these developmentally appropriate centers in guiding children through the ages and stages of early growth.  Teachers purposefully observe the children working and playing in these learning centers, using their observations to plan for each child and for the whole group.  Teachers take anecdotal records and collect work samples each semester, which they use when planning and when conferencing with parents.

Each child’s development is carefully observed and lessons are planned within four domains of development:

  • Social/Emotional Development – learning about self and others
  • Physical Development – learning about movement, fine and gross motor
  • Cognitive Development – learning about the world
  • Language Development – learning to communicate

In our infant/toddler programs, ages zero to three, there are 21 goals within the four domains of development.  There are 50 goals within the four domains for our preschoolers, ages three to five.  

Our teachers have implemented Creative Curriculum through the use of learning centers in the room:

  • Blocks – unit blocks and accessories
  • Dramatic Play – pretending while learning about the world
  • Toys and Games – manipulatives, puzzles, matching, etc.
  • Art – creating and representing ideas in a visual form
  • Literacy – picture books, with flannelboard and puppets for retell, listening center
  • Discovery – observing and acting on objects
  • Sensory – sensory experiences that challenge thinking and problem-solving

Movement & Music and Cooking are used to support the learning in these centers.  In each center, the arrangement of the furniture and the materials involves children not only learning, but also caring for the classroom and what is in it.  Under the umbrella of a study (or thematic unit) the teachers plan what materials and activities will be offered in each center.  The children may choose where they want to work and with which materials.  With the assurance that their environment is predictable and familiar, the children can settle into learning and function as part of a group.  Teachers and assistants work in the centers with the children taking anecdotal records or work samples to create a portfolio of work which will be shared with you at conferences.

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