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Starlab Rentals

Our portable planetarium can bring the stars down to the Earth - and to your school!

Starlab is a portable planetarium made of fabric, which is inflated by a fan and capable of accommodating approximately 25 students. A star projector recreates the sky, including the Sun, Moon and Planet positions on the dome, for any time or place on earth. Starlab is compact enough to fit into a small car and is easily set up in 15 minutes. It requires a clean floor space of 20' x 22' and a 12' ceiling.

Any teacher who has attended an NJACE Starlab certification course is eligible to rent a Starlab. Our Starlabs are available for rent for $350 per week and $250.00 for each additional consecutive week. The cost includes the dome, blower, various accessories, Northern Sky and Greek Mythology cylinders and up to 4 additional additional optional cylinders. Teachers must pick up the Starlab at RVCC on a Friday between 9:00am and 5:00pm. Teachers may submit a request for their preferred pickup and drop-off times, and they will be contacted with information about whether those requested times are available.

Cylinder descriptions, PDF's
The following cylinders are available for rentals:
(PDF sizes range from 367 - 2,703 KB)
Northern Starfield Egyptian Mythology
African Mythology Greek Mythology
Ancient Chinese Seasons Hindu Mythology
Ancient Chinese Legends Lewis & Clark Celestial Navigation
Biological Cell Native American Mythology
Celestial Coordinates (RA and Dec) Navajo Mythology
Civil War Sky Ocean Currents
Constellations (H.A.Rey) Plate Tectonics
Deep Sky Objects Solar System & Galaxy  
Earth (Latitude/Longitude) Transparent Cylinder with Pen Set

For further information, please call Mariel O'Brien at (908) 526-1200 x8942
or e-mail mariel.obrien@raritanval.edu

Made available by THE NJACE SCIENCE EDUCATION INSTITUTE at Raritan Valley Community College 

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