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Welcome to RVCC Network Services!

The informations and instructions below applies to all RVCC faculty, staff and students.

RVCC Wireless Access Information

The RVCC wireless network is available in all buildings in the RVCC main campus and several outside areas such as the Quadrangle bordered by the Planetarium, Somerset Hall and Hunterdon Hall.

Currently wireless access points at RVCC uses the 802.11a/b and g wireless standard. At a minimum, make sure your wireless equipment or Ethernet card is compatible with 802.11x standards or WIFI-compliant before setting-up your wireless network connection.




Our Services...

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To get connected to RVCC wireless network:

Please accomplish these two (2) things  one time.  Important!

1. Read RVCC's Wireless Networking policy.

2. Fill-up the Wireless Access User Agreement form. Make sure you have the following handy before filling-up the form.

1. Your G number.
2. Model of your computer.
3. Operating System such as (Windows, MAC or Linux)
4. MAC Address (Wireless Network Address) if you need help finding this in your computer click here.

Your account will be created within 24-48 hours after we receive your completed Wireless Access User Agreement Form.

You'll receive an email in your Lion Mail containing the SSID and WEP Key that you need.

Examples of the information we'll provide:

* SSID: rvccxxxx
* WEP KEYS: KEY1: XXxxxXX222Xxx22XXX22xxXX22 (26 characters)
* KEY2: xx22XXX2XxXX222X22XXXxxx22 (26 characters)
  Note: Set KEY2 as transmit KEY

Please note that if you change network adapters or computer you will need to re-register your new adapter or computer.  

The Raritan Valley Community college Wireless Network has been tested with the following Wireless cards:

* Cisco Aironet 802.11b Wireless Adapter
* Cisco Aironet 802.11a Wireless Adapter
* Linksys 802.11g Wireless Adapter

Please contact the Technology Services Desk if you have any problems using the wireless network or report connection problems.


RVTS cannot assist with Wireless configuration on a user's laptop. We ask that the user consults the user manual that came with their Wireless adaptor for configuration.


RVTS Help Desk:

Telephone (24/7):
(908) 526-1200 x7887
(908) 333-4098

Email: helpdesk@raritanval.edu        






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