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Students in English courses have the following options for pursuing honors-level work and being recognized for their achievements:


Honors Courses

Honors courses are sections in which all of the work of the class is at the honors level.  These courses are designated by the letter "H" after the course number.  The department currently offers the following honors courses:

  • ENGL 111H:  English Composition I Honors
  • ENGL 112H:  English Composition II Honors
  • ENGL 222H:  American Literature Since the Civil War Honors
  • ENGL 212H: World Literature Since the Renaissance Honors

Please check the current course schedule to find out if the honors course you want is being offered this semester.


Honors Class Projects

English Composition I Honors, Fall 2012.  Instructor: Charlie Bondhus.  Class magazine: Bonding with Bondhus: A Compendium of Concepts that Concern College Citizens (.pdf)

English Composition I Honors, Fall 2011.  Instructor: Charlie Bondhus.  Class magazine: The Power of Pop Culture Magazine (.pdf).  


Honors Option

Honors option courses are regular (non-honors) courses for which a student may register for the honors option.  This means that the student will complete extra honors-level work in the course that goes beyond the readings and assignments otherwise required on the syllabus.  The type of honors work required is described in the course outline for the course; please speak with the course instructor for more details.  The department currently offers the honors option in the following courses:

  • ENGL 221:  American Literature: Colonial through the Civil War
  • ENGL 235:  English Literature: Middle Ages through the Eighteenth Century

Please check the current course schedule to find out if the honors option course you want is being offered this semester.


Honors Society

The English department hosts a chapter of Sigma Kappa Delta (SKD), the English Honor Society for Two-Year Colleges.  Students must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for membership in SKD:

  • Be enrolled in a two-year college with a Sigma Kappa Delta Chapter
  • Have completed a minimum of one college course (excluding developmental courses) in English language or literature
  • Have no grade lower than a B in English
  • Have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) in general scholarship
  • Have completed at least one semester of college course work for a cumulative total of twelve semester hours
  • Students are not required to be English majors

For more information, please contact Charlie Bondhus, SKD faculty advisor.


Nota Bene

RVCC recognizes outstanding student work across the curriculum by showcasing it at the annual Nota Bene reception.  Students in English Composition I, English Composition II and English electives have been nominated by their professors to have their work recognized at the event.  For more information about Nota Bene, contact Sara Banfield or Traci Schanewolf in the Communication and Languages department.



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