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PR # 179 March 17, 2009


Members of the community are invited to attend a free lecture and discussion at Raritan Valley Community College (RVCC) on the economic crisis Wednesday, April 22, at 12 p.m. The program, featuring economic analyst, author Dr. Michael Hudson, will be held in the Conference Center at the College?s North Branch Campus.

Dr. Hudson is renowned for his insight in predicting the country?s current economic crisis. In the three years before it hit, he published several cover articles in Harper?s magazine and other venues, detailing how and why the crisis would emerge. His May 2006 cover article in Harper's, ?The New Road to Serfdom,? generated global discussion on the coming real estate crash. Dr. Hudson also provides commentary on real estate and the markets for the business radio program Marketplace. Additionally, he is regularly featured on the BBC and global media generally.

Dr. Hudson has authored several books and tens of articles on contemporary and historical investigations of economics, trade and development studies. Additionally, he has produced several reports for the United Nations Institute for Training and Research. He worked as a balance of payments economist for Chase Manhattan, Arthur Andersen and Continental Oil, as well as for several other prominent Wall Street and energy firms. He has also worked as a consultant for several governments on economic matters, including the United States, Russia, Mexico, Iceland, Malaysia, Latvia and many others.

Professor Hudson is the Distinguished Research Professor, Department of Economics, University of Missouri (Kansas City) and the President of the Institute for the Study of Long-Term Economic Trends (New York and London). He also has been a research professor at several institutions, including Harvard?s Peabody Museum and New York University. He lectures globally and has appeared in major media outlets throughout the world.

For additional information, contact Dr. Jeff Sommers, jsommers@raritanval.edu .

RVCC, located on Route 28 and Lamington Road in North Branch, NJ, and serving Somerset and Hunterdon County residents for 40 years, offers more than 90 associate degrees and certificates. For further information, visit www.raritanval.edu .

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