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The RVCC podcast series includes lectures,interviews, event recordings and other items of  interest to the College community. You can choose to subscribe to our podcast or simply click on the individual mp3 audio files to listen right away.


"Life Planning and Retirement Planning" (audio only)  RVCC Professor William Klinger.  This workshop will look at what things should be done to make certain we can comfortably retire.  Presented by the RVCC Business and Public Service Dept and the Center for International Business and Education.  Recorded November 4, 2015.

"Debt and Credit Management with Katie Ona, Affinity Federal Credit Union" (audio only) Presented by RVCC Club ENACTUS.  Recorded November 5, 2015.

 "Hello My Name Is (staged reading)" (video) Hello My Name Is - is an original play by the women inmates of Edna Mahan Correctional Facility and the Meta Theatre Company. The play tells the story of Luz Ramirez the Paloma and her family as they migrate from Puerto Rico to the United States. Is there an American Dream after incarceration? Recorded November 2, 2015.

 "The Art and Science of Leadership with Gene Bulmer, Leadership Trainer" (audio only) This lecture is presented by the TD Bank Leadership Series, sponsored by the Raritan Valley Community College SGA and PTK. Recorded October 29, 2015.

 "Bones and Stones: Recent Discoveries Challenge Traditional Frameworks in Human Evolution" (video only) Presented by RVCC Professor of Anthropology, Dr. Steve Kaufman. Since March of this year, three significant discoveries have been announced that challenge the traditional evolutionary frameworks for human evolution. The discovery of a jaw in Ethiopia, stone tools in Kenya and the mother lode of fossils in South Africa are forcing paleoanthropologists to change their evolutionary models. These findings also raise pivotal questions about long held assumptions regarding the origins certain human-like behavior. The illustrated lecture will present the findings and discuss their implications. Recorded October 21, 2015.

 "Finding Peace Within American Muslim Families and Communities" (video) (audio only) Keilani Abdullah, MA, Adjunct Professor of Sociology, Raritan Valley Community College. This lecture was sponsored by the Women's Center at RVCC. Recorded October 8, 2015

 "Skills Needed to Succeed in the New Workplace" (audio only) Presented by Sylvester DiDiego. This lecture investigates relationship building, leadership, soft and academic skills needed to succeed in the changing workplace. Sponsored by the RVCC Business and Public Service Dept and the Center for International Business and Education. Recorded October 7, 2015.

 "President's Dinner for Non-Traditional Adult Students"  (audio only)  RVCC President Dr. Michael McDonough gives a special welcome to our non-traditional adult students.  This presentation was part of RVCC's Welcome Week Event Series.  Recorded October 7, 2015.

 "Leadership & Self-Awareness: Becoming a More Conscious Leader" (audio only) presented by Ronnie Weyl, Executive Director of the RVCC Foundation and Bruce Yellin, M.S.W., L.C.S.W. Advisor/Counselor. This lecture is sponsored by the Student Government Association at RVCC. Recorded October 6, 2015.

 "Saving and Investing - the Basics"  (audio only) Presented by Bill Klinger, Associate Professor of Business Administration and Management at RVCC. This talk is aimed at stressing the importance of saving and equipping students with what they need to know to save and invest. The goal is to take the mystery out of investing so that students can invest wisely. Recorded October 1, 2015.

"Assessing Impacts of Service Learning Student Outcomes" (video) With increasing demands for accountability in higher education, learning basic assessment strategies can positively impact the quality of student learning.Panel facilitated by Dr. Bob Franco, director for institutional assessment at Kapi’olani Community College, University of Hawaii. Panel presenters include: Susan Williams and Mary Balut, Health Science Education; Kathy Suk and Kimberly Schirner, Education; Jay Kelly and Emilie Stander, Environmental Science; Tracy Rimple, Business Administration. Recorded September 24, 2015

 "Arctic Journeys in an Era of Climate Change: Stories and Photos" (video) Arctic sailor/photographer David Thoreson speaks about his 1994, 2007, and 2009 trips and shares first hand observations of how climate change is impacting our Arctic. Thoreson is the first American sailor to traverse the Northwest Passage in both directions.Recorded September 28, 2015. 

 "Convocation 2015: This is Your Moment" (audio only) RVCC Vice President Dr. Keith Pomakoy welcomes students to a new year at Raritan Valley Community College.  Recorded September 24, 2015. 

"Reality of the New Workplace" (audio only)  Presented by RVCC Professor Ellen J. Lindemann.  This workshop looks at the changing demographics and expectations in the 21st century workplace.  Recorded September 24, 2015.

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