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The RVCC podcast series includes lectures,interviews, event recordings and other items of  interest to the College community. You can choose to subscribe to our podcast or simply click on the individual mp3 audio files to listen right away.


"Our Green Campus"  (video) and (audio only) RVCC Campus Sustainability Day Lecture highlighting various green projects around campus, including the new Student Center’s green wall and rainwater harvesting system. Presented by Facilities Director Brian O'Rourke and Sustainability Coordinator Sue Dorward.  Recorded October 23, 2014.

"Recognize and Develop Your Leadership Potential". (audio only) RVCC Associate Professor Beryl Stetson,RNBC, MSN, CNE, LCCE, CLC Chairperson, Health Science Education Department.  This lecture is presented by the RVCC Student Government Association Leadership Development Series.  Recorded October 23, 2014.

"Dance & Disability: Artistic vs. Therapeutic, The Letter of the Law vs. the Spirit of the Law". (video) Barbara Allegra Verlezza, Associate Professor of Dance, Kent State University.  The lecture and dance demonstration is presented by the RVCC Visual and Performing Arts Department.  Recorded October 16, 2014.

 "Real Money 101" (video) and audio only available.  Samantha Benson from the NJ Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (HESAA), manages the HESAA's financial literacy program.  Ms. Benson is a frequent presenter at conferences and high schools where she educates high school seniors and their parents on the financial aid process and completing the FAFSA.  This lecture is presented by RVCC's club ENACTUS.  Recorded October 16, 2014.

"What is Color?"  (Video only) RVCC Science Seminar podcast with Dr. Paul Schueler, Professor of Chemistry. This lecture is a discussion about the origins of color on a molecular and structural level, as well as a brief survey on the phenomena that make color a fascinating topic.  Recorded October 8, 2014.

"Navigating the Transfer Application Process for Selective Schools" (video) (audio only) Erin Barnard, Assistant Director Admissions, The College of New Jersey. An expert on college admission, Erin hosted an open dialog with students who have their eyes on transferring to a selective school. The conversation addresses school standards and processes, what prospective colleges are looking for in their applicants, and much more! Recorded October 2, 2014.

 "Convocation 2014"  RVCC President Dr. Michael McDonough welcomes students to a new year at Raritan Valley Community College.  Recorded September 23, 2014.

"Puerto Rico: Modern American Apartheid" (video) (audio only)  RVCC's Hispanic Heritage Month keynote speaker Mr. Edwin Pagan Bonilla, Legislature Advisor to Puerto Rico, House of Representatives.  As Americans we serve in the military, but we don't have the right to vote for President?  Should Puerto Rico become the 51st State?  What do we gain or lose?  How will this change affect the U.S.?  Recorded September 18, 2014.

"RVCC: Beyond the Image Panel Discussion" (video) Moderated by project managers Shay Wadher-Pagare and Prof. Karen Gaffney, this panel discussion is composed of students who participated in the Beyond the Image photographic project displayed on campus.  Micro-messages, or micro-agressions, are subtle comments that reinforce negative stereotypes.  Student discussed their personal stories about specific micro-messages to raise awareness about implicit bias and stereotypes.  Additional photographys and video about the project titled RVCC: Beyond the Image can be found on the project's tumblr page.  Recorded on September 9, 2014.

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